The Lowdown on Biotech Crops

It’s always great to see individuals take it upon themselves to develop well-rounded opinions of agricultural biotechnology. Former biotech opponent Fourat Janabi (@fouratj) has done just that by not only reaching out to scientists like Kevin Folta (@kevinfolta) in a Q&A we shared last month, but also by interviewing family farmer Brian Scott (@thefarmerslife). His third and final Q&A on the subject is with our own President, Neal Carter!

The Q&As are useful sources of information because they complement each other well. They each provide a different perspective on ag-biotech.Fourat Janabi  

  • “The Lowdown on GMOs with a Scientist” covers misinformation about biotechnology, how non-scientists can differentiate between good information and bad and what the scientific community has to say about the safety of biotech crops.
  • “The Lowdown on GMOs with a Biotech Firm” with Neal Carter is the most extensive interview yet, and covers a wide range of topics including:
    •  Why we use biotech rather than conventional breeding and the benefits biotech foods like Arctic® apples offer
    • The rigorous review process Arctic apples have undergone to demonstrate their safety
    • Common misconceptions about our company and Arctic apples and dealing with emotion-motivated backlash
    • The future of the biotech industry and what crop enhancements are on the way
    • Our experience working with government and the regulatory process, especially as a small company
Apr. 12, 2013 update: Fourat has now compiled all three interviews in one convenient location: “The Fact-Based Lowdown on GMOs”

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