Meet Arctic® Apples

Our nonbrowning apples are delicious, convenient, and good for you. Discover our apple varieties, uncover some of our favorite apple recipes, and learn more about the benefits of our apples.

Nonbrowning apples are more appealing and convenient, so more apples get eaten and fewer are wasted. Arctic® apples are tasty and healthy grab ‘n go snacks you’re sure to reach for, time and time again.

arctic® apples' mouth appeal:

more of the apple's natural flavor shines through

arctic® apples' freshcut appeal:

no need for inconvenient anti-browning treatments

arctic® apples' eye appeal:

no yucky browning to put off picky eaters

arctic® apples' health appeal:

healthful antioxidants aren't burned up by browning reaction

arctic® apples' pocketbook appeal:

more apples get eaten fewer apples get thrown away

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Dec 13, 2018

Holiday Traditions – with apples

Long recognized as a symbol of health, apples have been part of global celebrations for centuries. They were ...

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Nov 28, 2018

Arctic® Apple Crisp

We love playing with recipes. Finding new ways to bring apples to the table is fun, whether it’s developing a recipe ...

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Nov 21, 2018

Apple Cranberry Holiday Stuffing

Holiday stuffing. For Thanksgiving turkey or with your tofurkey, it’s easy to love stuffing. And if adding a great ...

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Holiday party time? We have an app(ie) for that: check out this easy and dee-lish Baked Brie. your baked brie to a new level with our deliciously crunchy Arctic ApBitz™ dried apple snacks. Because cheese + apples = winning. ... See MoreSee Less

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Fresh Apple Recipes

Baking is a Piece of cake {er … Pie}

See apple recipes

Baking with Arctic® apples lowers the stress while upping the presentation. No more rushing to get your apples sliced before they go brown. It’s as easy as pie.