5 Things We’re Loving for Summer


closeup of fresh green Grannie Smith apples in a bowl otdoors

It’s officially summer and we couldn’t be more excited! Summertime means there is a lot to do in the orchard, but we still get a chance to enjoy it while the apples are growing. To celebrate the sunshine, we thought we’d share a snapshot of what we’re planning to enjoy this summer:

  1. Arctic® Apple FroYo – We first shared this treat with you in the middle of winter, but it’s perfectly suited for hot summer days! This fresh recipe will keep you cool and tickle your taste buds!
  2. Getting outside – Whether we’re working in the orchard or putting miles in on our bikes, we love being outside! Summer is a beautiful time in the Okanagan, though we are busy with the trees, we love to take time to pause and enjoy the sunshine.
  3. Apple Nachos – Sweet, crunchy and full of fiber, what else could we ask for in a snack? Pile your favorite toppings on Arctic® apple slices to share, or lay out the garnishes so people can make their own concoctions! Check out our infographic below and our Apple Nacho Pinterest board for more inspiration.
  4. Camping – Whether in a cabin or a tent, camping lets us get closer to nature and reconnect with family and friends. Check out our Pinterest for great apple recipes to enjoy while you’re out there.
  5. Quenching our thirst with apples- Whether it’s a filling breakfast smoothie, water infused with Arctic® apple slices, or a refreshing cocktail after the kids go to bed, it’s great to kick back and enjoy an apple based beverage on the deck.

The list could go on and on, but we’d better cap it here! What are you excited for this summer?

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