Announcing: the New Arctic® Apples Orchard

We asked for orchard name suggestions and you delivered with gusto. From funny to fantastical and everything between, we love your enthusiasm for all things apples and had so much fun reading your suggestions. So, who won?

Let’s begin by acknowledging what a witty group of people you are. There were times we had to break out the dictionary, and once or twice we asked our lab team for an interpretation. Science for the win.

And the winner of the Name The Arctic® Apples Orchard Contest is (drumroll, please….)

Harriet D. who submitted the name Glacial Acres!

Not only do we love the reference to our Arctic® brand name, but the land our new orchard is on has deep, fertile soils due to the retreating glaciers from over 10,000 years ago. Harriet, you’ve won a super cool Arctic® apples prize pack and bragging rights among your peers. Well done.

But wait, there’s more! Entries were so creative we can’t let this end without mentioning a few that didn’t quite make the shortlist but hold a special place in our hearts.


Best Example of Going the Extra Mile: @PierPotomac for these two entries with graphics

Best Use of Pop Culture Memes TIE: Orchardy McOrchardface Steve B and Orchard McOrchardface Summer L

Best Creative Use of Latin: Malus Grove Terence T

Best Historical Reference: Sustainable John Chapman 1 @DilksJay

Best Book or Movie Reference: Apples in Wonderland Mike P

Best Disney Reference: Elsa Ranch @yellowkels

Best Use of Sciencey Words: Pommetheus CAS9 David C

Best Made Up Word: Arctastik @butera.giulia

Best Use of Pun: Core Strength @the_dashing_mr.darby

Best Canadiana Connection: Due North @jfigment

Well done to all who entered, commented, shared, and helped us name our new orchard. We hope you had as much fun with this as we did. You can revisit the suggestions on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. And as always, you can get the inside slice on all things Arctic® apples by signing up for our newsletter.

Stay tuned for more apple-icious contests and great prizes.

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About Jeannette LeBlanc

Jeannette LeBlanc is the Communications Specialist for Okanagan Specialty Fruits, and lives in the sunny Okanagan Valley. She has a keen interest in sustainable food systems and the people working on responsible ways to help feed the planet.