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You can lead a horse to apples…

You can lead a horse to apples

Ok, if you lead a horse to apples, I’m sure you’d agree she’d eat ‘em up (unless you’re a neigh-sayer…). Getting serious, though, the saying “you can take a horse to water, but can’t make it drink” reminds us that, while it’s well-documented that most of us want to eat healthier, and even plan to eat healthier.

When push comes to shove, though, putting healthy eating into practice proves to be a challenge for most people and around two-thirds of U.S. adults are currently considered overweight. So, we want to make healthy eating easier!

Health & Convenience to Suit Busy Lives

Thanks to the Go! Go! Go! lifestyle so many of us experience, the demand for convenient food options (which are often less healthy choices) has never been higher. Don’t get us wrong; we enjoy an occasional candy bar too, but healthier choices should be the go-to when grabbing a snack on a regular basis.

And, while people have been snacking way more than ever over the past couple decades, apple consumption has been declining over the same time. So, the least we can do to help families eat healthier is make apples more “snackable”!

Convenient Arctic apples

More convenience = more apples eaten!

Survey results indicate that apples are among the most desired packaged produce items. And, even outside of packaged products, the simple convenience of being able to slice apples without worrying about browning can lead to more getting eaten, and fewer getting trashed! Cornell University researchers even found that serving students pre-sliced apples resulted in ~70% more apples getting eaten and far fewer getting wasted!

Our goal is to help more people to eat more apples – and we think that’s a goal everyone can get behind!