Apple posts prop up Arctics

Over the past week, we’ve been lucky enough to have our nonbrowning Arctic® apples covered by two excellent bloggers with perfectly suited expertise – farming & science.

The Farmer’s Daughter knows her stuff when it comes to agriculture – as you can gather from her pseudonym, it runs in the family! After previously providing a strong overview of Arctic® apples, she’s now concluded her two-part series on Arctic® apples by sharing her interview with OSF president Neal Carter. She asked Neal a number of insightful questions on topics such as what motivated him to develop nonbrowning apples, how rigorous the regulatory process truly is, and much more!Arctic apple writing

BioChica of FrankenFoodFacts is a scientist with a PhD in Molecular Genetics, and her post on Arctic® apples delves more deeply into the science behind them. BioChica offers a detailed examination of why some people say they oppose our nonbrowning apples. Fighting myths and hearsay with facts and evidence, BioChica explains why their arguments hold no validity and why she’d love to eat an Arctic® apple herself as soon as they’re available!

Make sure to check out both of these excellent posts and consider following the quality bloggers who wrote them on Twitter: @farmdaughterusa & @BioChicaGMO

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