Arctic® Apple Uses

Where & when to eat them

Where & when to eat them?

Short answer: Anytime, anywhere! Arctic® apples are amazing on their own, and apples pair so well with all sorts of events and all kinds of other foods. Yet, the nonbrowning trait takes Arctic® apples’ versatility and appeal to another level.

Convenient and healthy – so grab & go

It’s easy enough to throw a whole apple in a bag and head out, but chances are it’ll get bruised, and slices are sure to brown. Thanks to the Arctic Advantage, they can more easily be enjoyed:

  • In the car: Not a fan of apple juice dripping down your chin as you drive? Not sure what to do with that sticky core after? Bring a bag of nonbrowning slices!
  • At the office: If you like a bite here and there, or you get interrupted by a call – no worries! Arctic® apples will wait patiently.
  • At school: Arctic® apples can handle a little jostling in the lunch box without looking beat-up. Or, go with pre-sliced Arctic® apples instead; studies show kids are more likely to eat more, and waste less!

a little slice (or dice) of heaven

Around two-thirds of U.S. carrot sales are now from baby carrots, yet few apples are sold ready-to-eat. Arctic® apples can help change that, and they can also make it easier for you to eat more apples more conveniently…

Snack time

Little hands love apple wedges but picky eaters don’t like the yucky browning. Let the kids keep right on playing; Arctic® apple wedges will keep on looking fresh and tasty.


With the crispy crunch of Arctic® apple slices on your sandwich, you could work on through lunch (but you won’t want to), not to mention make lunch in advance!


It’s tough to beat a fresh, colorful salad, unless it’s spoiled by brown apples… Not a concern with Arctic® apples, so go ahead and chat through dinner; your salad will still look mouth-watering.

Baking is a Piece of cake {er, Pie!}

Baking with Arctic® apples lowers the stress while upping the presentation:

  • Easy as pie: No more rushing to get your pie apples sliced before they go brown
  • Nonbrowning Betty: Same goes for slicing and dicing apples for your apple better, cake, cobbler, crisp, crostada, crumble, galette, and muffin, slump, strudel, tart or turnover