Hassle Free Apple Prep

Say goodbye to brown apples

The least convenient thing about apples is that pesky browning. Maybe it’s not an issue if you eat an entire apple at once, but when cooking with apples it’s likely you’ll slice, mash, or juice an apple at some point.

The more prep time needed, the more the apple will brown. Unless, of course, you use distinctly nonbrowning Arctic® apples.

Simplifying apple recipe prep

  • Take your time: get apples sliced and into your dish before they brown
  • Slow down: savor your creation
  • Save time: avoid extra steps of anti-browning treatments
  • Do more: interruptions? no big deal – your apples can wait
  • Reduce waste: keep cut apples in the fridge in a zip-top bag
  • True juice: Arctic® varieties retain their true colors
  • And, not or: an apple smoothie with dairy, and no lemons for anti-browning

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