Hassle Free Apple Prep

Say goodbye to brown apples!

As society evolves,

the demand for convenience continues to skyrocket. And what’s the least convenient thing about apples? They brown of course! Sometimes that’s not a big deal if you’re hungry and eat an entire apple at once, but if you’re making a recipe, you’ll likely slice, mash, or juice the fruit at some point. And, the more prep time needed, the more of an issue browning becomes. Unless, of course, you’re using distinctly nonbrowning Arctic® apples.

Simplify apple recipe prep…

  • No rushing to get apples sliced up and into your dish before they brown
  • You don’t have to rush to eat or drink up after – savor your creation!
  • Avoid the extra steps, additional costs and the off-taste that from lemon juice or other anti-browning treatments
  • Interruptions while in the kitchen no longer mean cut apples may end up in the garbage
  • Throw cut apples in the fridge in a zip-top bag – they won’t brown and will be ready for snack-time whenever you are!
  • Juice won’t brown either, so Arctic® varieties retain their true colors
  • No more choosing between an apple smoothie that’s goes brown or skipping the dairy element due to lemon juice

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