Apples & Airplanes

Airplane food – two words that don’t exactly get your stomach rumbling (at least not in a good way). The “on the fly” options at the airport aren’t typically too attractive either, but things could be looking up for frequent flyers who yearn for fresher foods…

“Eating on the Fly Just Got a Lot Less Grim” – at least, that’s according to an article last month highlighting what they describe as a new wave of airport food. It seems that produce stands are springing up in U.S. airports and they’re getting rave reviews from travelers.Apples & Airplanes

JetBlue, who created a greenmarket at JFK airport in New York, explain that they “want to expand the idea of fresh food” and “don’t want customers to have to compromise their diets and the foods they believe in just because they’re travelling.”

We love the idea of more fresh produce in more places – it’s one of the main reasons we chose nonbrowning Arctic® apples are our first product. And, we believe that Arctic® apples can be a perfect fit for movements like these, and even for in-flight meals and snacks!

Nonbrowning apples are the ideal grab-and-go food after all, and the Arctic® advantage doesn’t just keeping apples looking and tasting fresh, they can open up other recipe options because of their freshcut suitability. Prepared salads is one of the highlights mentioned in the article, for example, and there’s no surer way for a pre-made salad to look anything but fresh if they have haggard, brown apple chunks in them! That’s not an issue with Arctic® apples of course.

So, looks like it’s onward and upward for more convenient apple options at airports and beyond!

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About Joel Brooks

Growing up in the Okanagan Valley, Joel had the opportunity to experience apple growing first hand, a background that helped lead him to his role as Product & Special Projects Manager. Joel feels privileged to work with such great people towards a goal that’s so easy to get behind – helping people to eat more apples!