Arctic ApBitz™ snacks available now!

We’ve heard countless apple lovers over the years clamoring for Arctic® apple availability and now we are excited to share an easy way for everyone in the U.S. to enjoy our nonbrowning apples with the click of a button.

Say hello to your new favorite snack: ApBitz™ dried apple snacks!

Arctic ApBitz™ snacks are a fresh new take on dried apples – a wholesome, preservative free snack you can eat anytime, anywhere. And thanks to, you can buy ApBitz™ dried apples today for delivery everywhere in the U.S.!

Why ApBitz™ dried apples?

After introducing fresh slices of nonbrowning Arctic® Goldens last fall, we didn’t want the excitement to stop there and knew we had to find a way to spread the apple love throughout the year.

With ApBitz™ dried apple snacks we found it – the perfect fry-cut style snack.

ApBitz™ snacks: your new way to snack happy

It’s so satisfying to bite into a crisp apple. So as farmers and innovators, we challenged ourselves to capture that feeling with each one of our ApBitz™ snacks. Did we do it? You bet!

Our quality Arctic® apples go through a specialized dehydration process that retains all their pure apple flavor. The result is sweet, crunchable and bursting with flavor. Convenience + deliciousness = happy snacking!

Preservative free, 100% Arctic® apples

Ready to order as multi-packs of individual grab-n-go packages, thanks to Arctic® apples’ nonbrowning benefit, ApBitz™ dried apples answer your snack craving without any preservatives or additives, meaning no off-tastes or allergy concerns. You’ve never tasted dried apples like these before, and each package is simply 100% Arctic® apples. True story.

Health experts smartly guide us to eat more fresh produce, and as apple growers we take healthy eating seriously. ApBitz™ snacks help us deliver an unparalleled apple eating experience that doesn’t sacrifice nutrition, convenience or fun!

How (and where) to buy ApBitz™ snacks

With the simple click of a button – or tap of your finger – you can buy our sweet and crunchy ApBitz™ snacks online for delivery everywhere in the U.S. Presto, magic. (or just good logistics)

We’re thrilled to add ApBitz™ dried apple snacks to the Arctic® apple family and share them with our fellow apple-lovers who want a healthy snack option. It’s one more way for our co-founders Neal and Louisa to realize their vision of getting more people to eat more apples.

Happy snacking!

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    • Denise Everett

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. All our products are clearly labeled with our Arctic brand and logo so they are clearly identifiable whether you wish to purchase our product or not. We also included a QR code so that customers have access to thorough information about our products and the innovative biotechnology behind them.

    • Denise Everett

      Currently, they are only available to U.S. consumers via But we are rapidly planting trees so that we can increase our fruit volumes and hope to be able to make our delicious apples available to Canadians next year.

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