Arctic® Apples

Distinctly nonbrowning apples

Arctic® apples aren’t slow browning. They aren’t low browning. They’re nonbrowning! By silencing the enzyme that causes apples to brown when bitten, sliced or bruised popular apple varieties like Golden Delicious and Granny Smith can be enhanced with the Arctic Advantage.
Our goal? To help consumers eat more apples by making them more convenient, and reducing food waste while we’re at it! Discover our types of apples.

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How’d we do that?!

An innovative idea to boost consumption

Okanagan Specialty Fruits®, the grower-led team behind nonbrowning Arctic® apples, was founded in 1996 by apple orchardist Neal Carter. Neal saw that apple consumption had been declining for decades while obesity rates skyrocketed, and he knew there must be a way to help get more people eating more apples.

Creators of the nonbrowning apple
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Convenient apples for busy lifestyles

There’s no question that consumers are demanding more convenience than ever, especially from our food. You might ask, “What’s so inconvenient about apples?” The browning of course!

It may surprise you to learn that apples are among the most wasted foods on the planet – around 40% of what’s grown is thrown out! How can so many delicious apples be wasted?!? A big part of the answer is browning.

Nonbrowning apples mean more apples get eaten

Nonbrowning apples don’t just reduce waste, they can also boost consumption as a whole! For instance, apple slices are a great “grab-and-go” snack, but they must either be eaten quickly or treated with something to slow their browning, which can add time, costs and an unpleasant off-taste.

Snacking now makes up about 50% of eating occasions in the U.S., so making apples more convenient and “snackable” really is a no-brainer. With Arctic® apples, you and your family can enjoy apples with convenience and taste to back up their good looks – meaning healthy, delicious apple snacking is easier than ever!

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