Arctic® Apple Benefits

The many benefits of the Arctic Advantage

The advantages of Arctic® apples go far beyond simply cosmetic value (though they have that, too!). Nonbrowning apples offer a higher quality eating experience, exceptional convenience, and much more…

nonbrowning apple

Greater eye-appeal

Arctic® apples won’t  brown after they’ve been bitten, sliced or bruised. Part of the fun of good food is the feast for the eyes that comes before the bite, and browned fruit isn’t likely to even get a chance when it comes to picky eaters (especially kids).

In our consumer research, we presented shoppers with recently sliced Arctic® apples and conventional apples. The vast majority of consumers said the Arctic® apples looked fresh or appealing, but described the conventional slices as looking brown, old or unappealing… And who wouldn’t prefer the more appealing plate when both are options??

More of that “first bite” taste

It’s true, there’s nothing “wrong” with browning. Even so, if you enjoy your eating experience less because of it, it’s an issue. And, not only do the majority of apple-lovers say browning is an issue to them, the taste tests back it up! Consumers who got to taste both Arctic® and conventional apple slices were more than twice as likely to describe the Arctic® slices as having “good texture” and were far more likely to say they had “good crispness” as well.

Kids love arctic apples
Cutting Arctic apples

Waste not, want not

Common sense dictates that most of us won’t select a bruised apple at the store when there are dozens of perfect ones available. And, since apples brown pretty quickly and easily, a bit of a rough ride in the lunch box or a few too many minutes on the plate can mean the difference between an apple ending up eaten or in the trash. Around 40% of apples are currently wasted, and that’s way too many! Much of that waste is from superficial bruising and browning – not an issue with Arctic® apples!!

Convenience is king

Long day and don’t feel like messing around in the kitchen for longer than needed? Need a quick snack on the go? Far too often this leads us to grab what’s convenient instead of what’s healthy. So, why not make it easier on yourself and grab the most convenient version of something both healthy and delicious? You’ll be glad you did, and even if you do have time to make a full recipe (and we’ve got some great suggestions), it’ll be easier than ever to add your favorite fruit to the mix!

Apple Slices - A perfect use of arctic apples
nonbrowning apple

A fresh slice that’s extra nice!

It’s easier to find freshcut apples than ever, and while we’re always happy to see more apples in more places, we’ll be even happier when convenient options like pre-packaged apple slices don’t sacrifice quality for convenience. At the moment, you’re unlikely to get pure apple goodness from many of these products because of how anti-browning treatments can affect the fruit’s taste and texture (often disguised with caramel dips or other sugary concoctions).

While one of the beautiful things about apples is they pair amazingly well with other flavors, we think apples slices should still have the fresh taste, texture and appearance consumers seek without any help from other ingredients!

Believe us when we say that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Arctic® Apples

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