Arctic® Apple Benefits

The advantages of nonbrowning Arctic® apples go beyond cosmetics.

nonbrowning apple

Greater eye-appeal

Arctic® apples don’t turn brown when you bite them, slice them, or bruise them. Part of the fun of good food is that feast for the eyes, and browned fruit likely won’t get a chance (especially with kids).

With our consumer research we presented shoppers recently sliced Arctic® apples and conventional apples. The vast majority said our apples looked fresh or appealing but described the conventional slices as looking brown or old. And hey, we all prefer a more appealing plate.

More of that “first bite” taste

There’s nothing wrong with browning. But if you enjoy apples less because of it, it’s an issue. You’re not alone. The majority of apple lovers say browning is an issue and our taste tests back it up. Consumers were more than twice as likely to describe our Arctic® slices as having “good texture” over conventional apples and far more likely to say they had “good crispness”.

Kids love arctic apples
Cutting Arctic apples

Waste not, want not

Common sense says most of us overlook a bruised apple. Since apples brown quickly and easily, a rough ride in the lunch box or too many minutes on the plate can mean the difference between an apple being eaten or tossed in the trash. Around 40% of apples are wasted, and much of that is from superficial bruising and browning – not an issue with Arctic® apples.

Convenience is king

Need a quick snack on the go? Too often this leads us to grab what’s convenient instead of what’s healthy. What if the most convenient version of something was both healthy and delicious? You’ll be glad you did, even if you do have time to make a full recipe (and we’ve got some great suggestions). Now it’s easier than ever to add your favorite apples to the mix.

Apple Slices - A perfect use of arctic apples
nonbrowning apple

A fresh slice that’s extra nice

One of the beautiful things about apples is they pair amazingly well with other flavors. We think apples slices should still have the fresh taste, texture, and appearance you look for. Our nonbrowning apples mean freshcut slices look and taste like an apple should.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Arctic® apples

Arctic® Apples

Distinctly nonbrowning apples!