Arctic® Apple Varieties

Introducing the first three Arctic® varieties

When you’re as old as the apple is, it can be hard to get excited about newcomers. Arctic® apples are changing all that! The perfect fruit just got even better.

Apples, like many fruits and vegetables, turn brown when they’re bitten, sliced or bruised and this damaged flesh is exposed to oxygen. The reason is an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase (PPO), but we’ve figured out a precise way to reduce the amount of PPO in Arctic® apples. And, we’ve used this technique to improve varieties that you already know and love with the nonbrowning trait!

That’s great news for everyone, because it means there’s not just one “Arctic® apple”! We took three of North America’s top varieties and improved them with the nonbrowning trait, resulting in Arctic® Golden, Arctic® Granny, and Arctic® Fuji apples.

We took three of North America’s top varieties and improved them with the nonbrowning trait, resulting in Arctic® Golden, Arctic® Granny, and Arctic® Fuji apples.

Arctic Granny - apple slices

Arctic® Granny

It IS easy being green

Combine a charming origin story, iconic coloring, and a uniquely tart, refreshing flavor profile and you’ve got a Granny Smith! Sometimes called the single “most instantly recognized of all apples”, Grannies have a lot going for them.

Not only are Granny Smiths seen as one of the healthiest varieties due to high antioxidant and phenolic levels, they’re well-suited for all sorts of appl(e)ications, especially baking!

As for why the Arctic Advantage is such a good fit with the Arctic® Granny – it’s all about taking their amazing versatility to the next level.

Arctic® Granny = queen of versatility!

Already a popular variety for fresh slices, imagine if the need for anti-browning treatments (and the off-taste that often comes with them) was no more? No rushing to get that pie into the oven or worrying about that apple salad losing its fresh appearance because of browning either.

And for juice or smoothies, Arctic® Grannies also retain that iconic green coloring and unique tart flavor that is lost is in conventional juices, making them a treat for the eyes as well as your tastebuds!

nonbrowning apple

Arctic® Golden

Restoring a golden reputation

Golden Delicious apples have been among the most popular varieties in North America for a century now thanks to their sweet, rich flavor profile and tremendous versatility.

Still, their popularity has admittedly taken a hit over the past decade, but this is largely the result of the challenges in getting this great fruit to consumers in the same high quality they have when freshly picked.

Golden Delicious’ light skin readily shows bruises, so they’re often warmed up prior to packing to reduce bruising, but at the expense of losing some of their crunch. Goldens are also frequently picked before they’re ripe and stored longer than they should be. As a result, consumers’ expectations have been lowered, causing prices and popularity to decline further.

Enter the Arctic® Golden!

The Arctic Advantage immediately addresses the browning issue currently plaguing Goldens, and eliminates the need for warm-packing, too. So, Arctic® Golden apples can deliver a consistently higher-quality eating experience to consumers, while making the rest of the supply-chain’s job easier and revitalizing the variety’s Golden reputation!

Arctic® Fuji

Reaching the tallest heights of popularity

Like the steep incline of its namesake Mt. Fuji, the Fuji apple’s popularity has risen to extraordinary heights! The Fuji variety was first introduced to North America in the 1980s, and by the early 1990s in the U.S. it went from modest production not worthy of being tracked to being the third most grown apple in 2000! They’ve remained a Top 5 variety ever since, and it’s not just North Americans that love them; Fuji apples are one of the most widely produced apple varieties in the world. They are easily the most popular variety grown in China, where half of the world’s apples are grown, with at least 20 million tonnes of Fujis produced there each year alone!

As for why Fujis became so popular – that’s easy! Their sweet flavor and serious crunch make them an ideal apple for eating raw, and adding crunch to your favorite recipes. They also have a beautiful red and gold color that draws the eye and complements their great taste. That is, until they’re sliced. Unfortunately, it browns quickly when cut or bitten, so it needs to be eaten immediately or treated with preservatives. With Arctic Advantage™ fruit, we offer all the Fuji benefits apple eaters love, without the browning they don’t!

Future Varieties

Arctic® Gala apples next in line

Love the idea of Arctic® Goldens, Arctic® Grannies, and Arctic® Fuji but still waiting for us to get to your favorite variety? Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more in the pipeline! The next nonbrowning variety we’re planning to bring to eager apple-eaters is the Arctic® Gala, and we can’t wait! They’re already growing in our field trials, and we’ll be sure to share updates once they’re getting closer to market, so keep an eye on the Find Our Apples section and consider following us on our blog and on social media, too!

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