Arctic® Golden Apples

Introducing our first item to hit grocery store shelves: fresh, ready to eat Arctic® Golden slices!

nonbrowning apple

Back in select stores soon

We were extremely excited to make sliced Arctic® Golden slices available for the first time ever in select U.S. stores in 2017 and look forward to bringing them back this fall. Following our commercial harvest this past fall, consumer testing gave apple lovers a first bite of nonbrowning Arctic® apples, and offered us the chance to closely listen to all their feedback. We want to make sure we know the best way to serve eager apple lovers when Arctic® apples hit more store shelves going forward!

A wholesome snack

Arctic® Goldens offer the same nutritional value as the conventional Golden Delicious apple you know and love, but do so even better, especially as ready to eat, preservative free slices! Arctic® Golden slices won’t have the off taste that can accompany commonly used anti-browning treatments, so you’ll get 100% fresh apple flavor. Studies show that kids eat more apples when they’re sliced, and kids and adults alike will find it easier than ever to make apples part of their healthy lifestyle. After all, the health benefits of apples, which you can learn more about at our Nutrition Facts page on our website, is a long list indeed!

Convenience at its finest

Not only do Arctic® apples make healthy eating easier, consumers who participated in taste tests told us sliced Arctic® apples had a better crunch, texture and visual appeal than conventional slices. The advantages and convenience of Arctic® apples are unparalleled, and they’re a perfect fit with other healthy options, like this recipe for pumpkin almond butter with apple wedges from Fruit and Veggies – More Matters®. You can enjoy slices straight from the bag, placed into containers for lunch, or added to your salad for more crunch –the possibilities are endless!

We hope you’re looking forward to finding Arctic® apples in a store near you as much as we are!

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