Arctic® Fuji: The newest member of the Arctic® family!

Okanagan Specialty Fruits is thrilled to announce the U.S. commercial approval of the Arctic® Fuji! The Arctic® Fuji is the third Arctic® apple variety to have gained this distinction, following the approval of our Arctic® Golden and Arctic® Granny varieties last year. All three Arctic® apple varieties can now be freely grown and sold in the U.S., as they have been found to be as safe and nutritious as their conventional counterparts.

The approval of the Arctic® Fuji could not come at a better time; Arctic Fujiwith the first commercial harvest of Arctic® Golden apples recently completed and U.S. test markets on the horizon, 2016 has proven to be an exciting year. We at OSF are looking forward to planting as many Arctic® apple trees as we can and improving additional varieties with the nonbrowning benefit!

Arctic® apples are just like their conventional counterparts until they are sliced, bitten or bruised. The Arctic Advantage™ helps apple lovers enjoy wholesome, ready-to-eat apples without the need for preservatives. Arctic® apples can also help reduce waste throughout the supply chain – and sustainability is certainly something we are passionate about!

We would like to thank everyone who took time to support the Arctic® Fuji during the Public Comment Period and are looking forward to getting the first Arctic® apples in stores very soon!

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  1. Allen Greenwood

    I am very happy to learn of non-browning apples coming to market. I rarely eat a whole apple, so being able to put it away and finish it later is fantastic.

    • Jessica Brady

      Thank you for your support Allen! We are very excited for consumers like yourself to get to experience the Arctic Advantage™!