The best of both worlds: biotech’s health & sensory benefits

Consumers try to eat healthy, they really do! It’s too bad our silly little brains are programmed to often value instant gratification over long-term benefits, or else we’d all be super-fit gym nuts with 90-year life expectancies.

Anyone who’s ever made (and then broken) New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier knows what we’re talking about. Plenty of research demonstrates that even though most consumers say they’re interested in eating healthier, their resolve slips when they’re actually shopping and eating, as they’re swayed by the convenience and taste of less nutritious alternatives.

Yet, rather than change human nature itself, why not put those brains to good use and make it easier to eat better by not only improving healthy foods’ sensory attributes (like taste, look and smell), but to make them even healthier as well?

Sound over-the-top? Not at all! These types of advancements are already in the works thanks to biotechnology, and recent research shows consumers are ready to embrace these value-added foods.

Likelihood to Purchase Value-Added GE Crops

The International Food Information Council (IFIC) recently released the data from their latest “Consumer Perceptions of Food Technology Survey”, including consumers’ thoughts about foods produced through biotechnology. Participants were asked how likely they would be to buy biotech foods that had benefits such as improved vitamin content, less trans fats, improved nutritional benefits and enhanced taste or freshness. In all cases, well over 50% of consumers said they would be either very or somewhat likely to purchase these foods. Consumers voiced their support for the health benefits in particular, which is consistent with most peoples’ intentions to make better food choices.

By enhancing food to be more wholesome as well as boosting sensory appeal, consumers will benefit from healthier foods that taste better! And, IFIC’s numbers show that, despite the efforts of biotech-opponents to spread misinformation, consumers are ready and willing to take advantage of these benefits!

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About Joel Brooks

Growing up in the Okanagan Valley, Joel had the opportunity to experience apple growing first hand, a background that helped lead him to his role as Product & Special Projects Manager. Joel feels privileged to work with such great people towards a goal that’s so easy to get behind – helping people to eat more apples!