Slicing food, not cutting flavor

You know chopping your fruits and veggies can make them easier to eat and cook, but did you know it can give them a better flavor?

Most people use the words flavor and taste interchangeably, which is incorrect. Aroma and taste together define the flavor of the food and how you perceive it. Aroma is the smell food emits, whereas taste is made up of five components: sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami (a savoury taste). While the chemistry of flavor is important, your brain also takes look of food into effect, from the brightness of a fruit to the brightness of the bowl it is sitting in, when determining your reaction.

Green apple slicesWhen you cut, slice or chop a piece of fruit or vegetable, you are creating a physical change that effects the plant as food in more ways than you might think. With the human eye you can see that the food has change – it is a smaller portion and possibly be more attractive to look at. At a cellular level, damage has been done to cell walls of the plant that allow the release of enzymes which produce the aroma we associate with a fruit or vegetable. How you prep food will also effect how it interacts with other ingredients and how it cooks. A finely julienned carrot cut into a thin matchstick will have more surface area exposed than a thicker batonet cut carrot; the smaller cut will cook faster and may interact more with other ingredients like butter and salt.

In the grocery store, consumers are forced to decide on the quality of precut ingredients solely with their eyes. Once the precut produce gets home, there is an expectation that the flavor will match how the produce looks. Not meeting flavor expectations is a quick way to ensure consumers do not become repeat customers.

Arctic® apples lend themselves perfectly to cutting, chopping and slicing. They resist primary browning without the use of additives, so they taste as good as they look. Plus, polyphenol oxidase production, which is associated with the depletion of polyphenols – which impact taste, aroma and nutrition – in sliced apples, is silenced in Arctic® apples. We look forward to seeing our apples in stores, where consumers can benefit from nutritious, convenient Arctic® apples.

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