Dr Christine Rosenbloom shares her thoughts on GM foods

These days, there are lots of different opinions about food, and all these ideas can make for a confusing trip to the grocery store! Dr Christine Rosenbloom often sees this first hand, so she wrote a blog about what she as a Dietitian wishes her friends knew about GM foods.

Chris RosenbloomcroppedsqDr Christine Rosenbloom is a nutrition professor emerita at Georgia State University. She has a PhD, is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Specialist in Sport Dietetics. You can contact and learn more about Chris on her blog, Twitter and Facebook.


Her latest post explores important points such as:

  • There is no evidence that GM foods are harmful to humans
  • GM foods go through a rigorous testing process
  • Not all foods are GM, in fact, only 8 crops are currently commercially available
  • Junk food is bad for you, no matter the ingredients

To read Chris’ original blog click here.

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