We are all about education. Here we share some of our favorite
educator resources on apple farming, biotechnology, and agriculture.

All About Food – Exploring Canada’s Food System

High School. Boasting a broad range of topics related to food and agriculture in Canada, this site offers an online teacher guide, student exploration guide, and links to more information. Available through the All About Food website.

Design ’Y’er Genes

High School. Introduces students to the relationships between chromosomes, genes, and DNA molecules. It also provides activities that clearly show how changes in the DNA of an organism, made by using either natural or scientific techniques, can cause changes. Available via National Agriculture in the Classroom.

Evaluating Perspectives About GMOs

High School. This lesson provides students with a brief overview of biotechnology, equipping them with the ability to evaluate the social, environmental, and economic arguments for and against genetically modified crops. Available via National Agriculture in the Classroom.

From Genes to Jeans

Middle Years – High School. Covers in depth the concepts of genetics including an introduction to human inheritance, genetic breeding, Punnett squares, the importance of genetic diversity, biotechnology, gene marker selection, and the use of biotechnology for sustainable agriculture. Available via California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom.

Apple Genetics

Middle Years. Learn about apple genetics related to production through a hands-on activity exploring the characteristics of apple varieties. Students will apply their knowledge of heredity and genetics to discover how new varieties of apples are developed through cross-breeding techniques. Available via National Agriculture in the Classroom.

DNA: Expressions in Agriculture

Middle Years. Step by step instructions for extracting DNA from a strawberry while highlighting careers in biotechnology and agriculture. Available via National Agriculture in the Classroom.

Growing for the Future

Middle Years. Six lessons designed to encourage students to think critically about topics such as sustainability, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and biodiversity. Students will explore information from a variety of sources and apply their knowledge through hands-on activities and engaging projects. Available via Good in Every Grain.

Plant Propagation

Middle Years. Students will learn about two types of plant propagation – seed planting (sexual) and stem cuttings (asexual) and recognize the genetic differences in these processes, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Available via National Agriculture in the Classroom.

A is for Apples

Early Years. Students will use the five senses to investigate apples, identify and model the parts of an apple, make applesauce, and learn how apples are grown. Available via National Agriculture in the Classroom.

Apple Science: Comparing Apples & Onions

Early Years. Students will explore heredity concepts by comparing observable traits of apples and onions, collecting data on traits of different apple varieties, and learning about apple production. Additional activities include hands-on methods for testing apple ripeness. Available via National Agriculture in the Classroom.

Apples: A Class Act

Early Years. Students will use art, math, and language skills to learn about apples, nutrition and apple farming. Both Preschool-Grade 3 and Grades 4-6 lesson plans available via USApple Association.

Want to learn more about Arctic® apples?

We offer a variety of content intended to help all ages better understand Arctic® apples and the apple industry in general. Find some of our top picks below.

Arctic® apples are on the way

Video showing our first ever commercial planting of Arctic® applesSee some of what it takes to plant a modern orchard while learning more about Arctic® apples.

Arctic® apples stay white

A time lapse video of a cut Arctic® and conventional apple side-by-side. See the difference with your own eyes.

PPO Silencing: How We Do It

A look at how Arctic® apples were improved with their nonbrowning benefit using gene silencing. Links to further information are provided in text for those looking for an in-depth look.

The Journey to Harvest

Watch Arctic® apples being picked as President and Founder, Neal Carter, tells us what it took to get to our first commercial harvest.