Fun Facts About Apples

Have you ever stopped to think about how amazingly entrenched apples are in our society, pop culture, and our core identities? (maybe that last one’s just us)

Arctic Apples - The wise choice

A few fun apples facts for your consideration.

  • Diet – apples are the 2nd most eaten fruit in North America (we’ll surpass you one day, bananas)
  • Agriculture – the importance apples have to the agriculture industry: North America produces around TEN BILLION pounds of apples a year, the equivalent weight of about a million elephants
  • Health – there’s a reason “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” has been part of our culture since the 1800s (visit our Apple Nutrition section)
  • Society – as American as apple pie, apple of my eye, Adam’s apple, one bad apple… (need we go on?)

Maybe we’re biased, but we don’t think any other fruits even come close to matching the iconic status of apples. And it’s not just about modern times: as early as the 17th century, many people used the word “apple” to refer to all fruits foreign to Europe. Although that’s pretty recent considering humans have been eating apples for hundreds of thousands of years.

Apples are the best, and we have a million more reasons why. Since it will take us a while to get through all million reasons, we’re tackling them one blog post at a time.

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