Favorite Arctic ApBitz™ Snacks Reviews (so far)

New Arctic ApBitz apple snacks have been available for a few short weeks and they’re getting rave reviews. Many of you have shared your happy snacking stories with us, either on social media or through Amazon. This blog post is for you.

Launching a new snack can be a stressful time. We have so many thoughts running through our heads. Will they like them as much as we hope?

We’re overjoyed that you seem to like our apple snacks. But don’t take our word for it – here are some of our favorite Arctic ApBitz™ snack love letters so far.

Short and sweet

“Very tasty.”  @ChestnutPowell, Twitter

“I just finished a whole bag.” Adam V, Facebook

“A great combo of crunchy + sweet.” @EverydayRD, Twitter

“Two thumbs up here.” Deanna C, Facebook

“These are delicious!” @DocCamiRyan, Twitter

“I love them!!!” Karen L, Facebook

“Yummy!” Benjamin E, Facebook

The science enthusiast

“Snacking on @ArcticApples while shipping #GMO corn all across the country. Seriously been waiting 2 years to try these!! #allGMOeverything #NotAnAd” @hannahaggie2014, Twitter

—>>> “#jealous” @BeckePhysics, Twitter (in response to the above)

“My GMOs came in, and my kids love eating science!” @welovegv, Twitter

“This holiday weekend I am bringing the GMOs! There will be plenty of candy so I wanted to bring healthy snacks. Hope those baskets are ready!” @jpLOVEScotton, Twitter

“Enjoy a science conversation with your friends when they try them – buy enough to share around! That’s what I did.” Amazon user MEM

“I am officially cooler than absolute zero!! I can’t wait to snack!” @BrittLebbing, Twitter

Second helpings

“Love the taste. Surprisingly crispy and long lasting flavor. Had 2, almost a third.” @dekal35, Twitter

“I’m going to have to purchase 2 more bags. They’re becoming my go to midday snack.” Maddy F, Facebook

“Somehow, we accidentally bought 5 packages (yes, that’s 60 individual bags) of ApBitz. I was dismayed at the vast quantity of dried apples on our doorstep…until we tasted them. It’s been less than a week and we’ve probably eaten half of them.” Amazon user KT

Comparative analysis

“Recently tried ApBitz and decided to taste another product. Absolutely no comparison. ApBitz has a winner here.” @dekal35, Twitter

“The crunch of a pretzel with the taste of an apple, in the shape of a French fry.” Amazon user R Lincoln

More people eating more apples

“I’m going to be giving them out later to my nieces and nephews as a healthy alternative to candy this Easter.” @mcareynj, Twitter

“Got our order today. The whole family loved them.” Jessica B, Facebook

“We’ve almost finished our pack in 36 hours.” @alexboz, Twitter

“Grabbed them for snacks for my son’s baseball team! We think they’re awesome.” Christian S, Facebook

“The ApBitz are the new favorite snack around here! Please make a big bag.” @neurdy, Twitter

“I was walking and eating these and tossed one to a squirrel at Balboa Park in San Diego and sat there watching the squirrel eat it. The squirrel followed me for about 100 yards. I sent a few his way. Made a new buddy in the park.” Amazon user Matt

Thank you

We love that you love our new way to enjoy Arctic® apples. There was rumor of someone finding a creative way to experience Arctic ApBitz snacks in a barter that may have included gourmet Belgium chocolates, but we have no actual evidence of any such behaviors. (😊)

Happy snacking!



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