Five fun ways to celebrate Earth Day!

apple_globe_0Every year, Earth Day takes place on April 22nd, inspiring millions to make changes to better care for our environment and our planet. At OSF, Earth Day reminds us of how excited we are that Arctic® apples will help reduce food waste and increase sustainability from field to fork! We’re sharing some of our favorite ways to celebrate to kick start your Earth Day.

#1  Plant a Tree – This year’s theme is all about trees, and organizers are encouraging you to plant or pledge a tree to help build our global forest and clean our air! (Sorry our Arctic® apple trees all have a home already)!

#2  Demonstrate the importance of soil – Use an apple as a model of the Earth to demonstrate how much of the earth’s surface is available for agriculture. You can get a step-by-step guide here or watch this Best Food Facts video for a demo and even more great information!

#3  Bike to work – Boost your health and cut down on fuel emissions by biking to work. You can also walk or take public transit, we just happen to be big fans of cycling!

#4  Start a bee garden – As fruit growers, we understand the importance of bees for agriculture and our ecosystem. Planting a garden that bees will love means adding pollen-rich flowers like Black Eyed Susans and Dense Blazingstar to your garden. Learn more about the plants preferred by bees and other pollinators here, and, if you’re in Canada, you can order a buzzing garden seed packet for free!

#5  Make a vermicomposting bin (that’s just fancy talk for a worm garden!) – Put worms to work by creating a vermicomposting bin – the worms will break down your kitchen scraps and turn them into castings, a perfect fertilizer for your garden soil! You can find simple plans here.

BONUS: Get your very own BioPop DinoPet to get your kids thinking beyond plants and animals, and about the smallest members of our ecosystem. This dinoflagellate filled toy luminesces when you play with it at night!

These are just a few ideas for raising awareness about the environment and finding fun ways to help! What are your Earth Day plans?



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  1. Helena Preston

    An absolute load of disgusting bunk, enough to cause vomitus. Trying to connect man-altered organisms as somehow part of Earth Day’s celebrations? Shame on you!

    • Jessica Brady

      Hello Helena,

      At OSF we are excited to be helping reduce food waste through our nonbrowning Arctic® apples. If you would like to learn more about Arctic® apples, I would recommend reading through our APHIS petition which shows that Arctic® apples are as safe for humans and the environment as conventional apples. You can read it here:
      Please let me know if you have any other questions, we are always happy to take part in respectful discussions.

      Thank you,