Arctic® Apples

Fresh Slices Are Changing The Face of Apple Slices

Finally, fresh apple slices that actually taste like a fresh apple! Arctic® apples’ nonbrowning trait means you no longer have to sacrifice flavor for the convenience of a pre-sliced apple.  This means you get a better tasting slice that lasts longer. 

Why? Because Arctic® apples don’t brown when they are sliced or bitten.  This means that our fresh, pre-cut slices don’t need the heavy chemical preservatives that our competitor slices do. That means you get a better tasting slice that lasts longer.


And we have proof.

In taste comparisons, consumers preferred fresh Arctic® Golden apple slices to other sweet, red apple slices of the leading national sliced apple brand and regional available brands.

Use them in appetizers, salads, fruit beverages and more. Check out our recipes for cool ideas.

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