Frozen Arctic® Appleade

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over. There’s no better way to soak up those last few warm days than with a refreshing frozen drink. Imagine a taste bud experience where the tangy summer taste of lemonade meets the sweet fall taste of freshly-picked apples. This Frozen Arctic® Appleade recipe delivers both – with a blended twist!


Frozen Arctic® Appleade

  • 5 oz. of Arctic® apple fresh slices
  • Freshly squeezed juice of two lemons
  • One cup of water
  • Two cups of ice
  • Sprigs of mint
  • Drizzle of honey

Combine all ingredients and blend to desired consistency. Garnish with Arctic® apple fresh slice and enjoy!


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About Denise Briggs

Denise Briggs is the Communications Manager for Okanagan Specialty Fruits. She resides in the beautiful Okanagan Valley with her family and values working for a company that promotes a healthy lifestyle.