Giving thanks this Thanksgiving – and a radical idea for breaking the Black Friday shopping habit

It’s been an incredible year here at OSF, so we’ve got plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Our vision to scientifically breed a truly nonbrowning apple took a major step toward realization this year when we formally requested government approval to bring our fruit to the U.S. market. After 15 years in development and testing, we can now clearly foresee a day when Arctic® apples will arrive on store shelves and on menus, after we’ve proved to regulators that our trees and fruit are just as safe as other apple trees and their fruit.

(Let’s pause here for a moment to address two questions you may have at this point: First, yes, our company is based in Canada. But a portion of our small staff hails from the United States – so we do the smart, respectful, fun thing and observe both countries’ holidays. Second, technically we have requested “deregulated status” from the U.S. government – though the outcome of getting market access is the same. There, now we can continue with our tribute to Thanksgiving.)

As you and your family prepare to celebrate this Thanksgiving, we hope you’ll put apples front and center – they are a natural for it. Here are a few ideas for a “delicious, do-able Thanksgiving” that the folks at Real Simple magazine included in their November edition:thanksgiving apple

  • In lieu of expensive flowers, arrange a dozen or so small, red apples on a large, white dish or bowl; garnish with greenery for contrast.
  • Dress up that turkey with an apple cider glaze.
  • Add chopped apples to your dressing/stuffing and/or cranberry relish.
  • Shake up the usual desserts by serving a fruit compote bread pudding.
  • Make over your leftover turkey sandwiches by buttering the bread, and adding thinly sliced apple and watercress.

And this year, how about we continue family time the day after Thanksgiving, and participate in “Buy Nothing Day” instead of going holiday shopping? Real Simple reports that the average shopper spends a whopping US$365.34 during “Black Friday” weekend. We recommend a game of touch football, or board game marathon – trust us, the holiday sales will still be there later.

P.S. Feeling generous and want to donate your “Buy Nothing Day” savings? A record number of families are facing food insecurity as the economic malaise continues. The news is full of stories of community food banks stretched beyond capacity. You can help out your less fortunate neighbors by supporting a local food bank; if you don’t already have one in mind, visit (formerly Second Harvest).

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