Halloween Apple Treats

Halloween and apples have a long history. Originally, bobbing for apples was a bit like a dating app with the potential to find your future beau. In fact, Halloween and apples were all about romance.

When European colonists imported apple trees to the Americas, they also brought with them the seeds of the apple folklore we know today. Activities like bobbing for apples and trying to peel an apple without a break in the skin have deeper and older roots than you might think.

The tie between apples and Halloween is based in the Celtic festival Samhain that heralded the end of summer, on October 31. Worried the sun might not return, people would build huge bonfires to burn through the night with apples tied to evergreen boughs.

photo: New York Times

Bobbing for apples comes from Victorian times. Young women secretly marked apples, and their future beau would be foretold based on who took a bite. Apples also played matchmaker when girls tossed an unbroken peel over their shoulder and looked to see the initial of their future husband in the peel. There are even more romantic connections between apples and Halloween. A popular game in the early 20th century was “Snap Apple”: the first couple to bite an apple suspended from the ceiling would be the first couple to marry.

Halloween now is more about which house gives the best loot (kid view) and how we can keep a handle on the sugar rush for little ones in our charge (adult view). By the end of the night there’s bound to be a sack or two of candy nearby, so we like to keep the urge to snack at bay with a few healthy – or healthier – eats before the festivities begin and as the night progresses.

photo: Two Healthy Kitchens

Halloween Apple Snack Recipes

You can let your fingers do the Google-ing for so much more, but here are a few of our favorite Halloween apple recipes.

We can’t end without mentioning Pinterest and our dedicated board for all things Candy Apple. Because in the world of cute recipes, all roads lead to Pinterest.

The 2018 harvest of Arctic® apples is underway so fresh slices and whole apples will soon be at grocery stores in the U.S. Meanwhile, you can order Arctic ApBitz dried apple snacks on PLUS there’s special Halloween pricing until October 31: use the coupon code SpookyBitz for an extra $5 off. We’ll be offering these snack packs at our houses to families looking for a healthier treat.

Adding apples to your Halloween? Take a photo and share it with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest with the hashtag #arcticapples.

Happy Halloween!

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