Happy Birthday PBH!

We’re not shy about our love for the Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH); you’ve probably seen our posts about them before, but today is a special day. Today is PBH’s 25th birthday!

Produce for Better Health started in25th Anniversary_HappyBirthday 1991, on a mission to spread the word about produce with the 5 a Day for Better Health program. PBH knew they had science on their side and all they had to do was share they good news: eating more fruits and vegetables will improve your health! PBH quickly became a leading expert in the importance of produce intake, offering information and inspiration to get more people eating their 5 servings a day.

In 2007, PBH officially rolled out the Fruit and Vegetables-More Matters campaign in response to the USDA’s revised dietary guidelines, and with it came even more great ways to share the importance of produce. They have grabbed consumer attention with the website, delicious recipes and resources that help everyone include fruits and vegetables in their daily life.

We are excited to sponsor PBH and their amazing fact based outreach initiatives. Among our favorites are:

  • Half Your Plate – You can put down the measuring cups, and keep healthy eating simple by filling half your plate with fruits and vegetables to make sure you’re getting enough. Find out more, including great recipe and meal ideas, at the link.
  • Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools – As part of the National Fruit and Vegetable Alliance PBH works with this initiative to make sure students get access to fresh fruits and vegetables in schools! This July our very own Jenn Armen will be riding the Tour de Fresh in support of this cause.
  • Foodchamps.org – This kid friendly site offers games, recipes and activity pages that get ages 2-8 excited about fruits and vegetables.
  • Formula 5 Competition – In this annual competition, University students are challenged to create a marketing plan to promote fruit and vegetable consumption. Students receive real world experience and networking opportunities, while we get to hear great ideas like animal shaped apple slices!

We look forward to seeing what great things the Produce for Better Health Foundation will accomplish in the next 25 years!

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