Healthy Eating Tips for National Nutrition Month

Did you know March is National Nutrition Month? Although we should be striving to eat as healthy as possible throughout the entire year, this month is a good reminder to be mindful of what we’re eating and challenge ourselves in new ways. Here are some useful tips to try this month with your family.

Be prepared: Sometimes one of the hardest parts of eating healthy is being unprepared when hunger strikes. Having healthy, ready-to-eat snacks on hand makes it easier to make more nutritious choices. Our Arctic® apple fresh slices and Arctic ApBitz® dried apple snacks come in grab-and-go bags offering a convenient and nutritious choice for busy lifestyles.

Plan ahead: Preparing healthy meals is much easier when you already have a plan. At the start of the week sit down with the whole family and let everyone have a say in the menu for the coming days. This is a great opportunity to teach your children about what is or isn’t a nutritious meal when they are making their requests. Meal planning makes grocery shopping easier, can help reduce food waste and will make the dinner rush feel less hectic! Fruit and Veggies – More Matters has lots of great resources to get you started.


Teach your children: One of the best ways to instill healthy eating habits in children is to let them help with cooking. Washing fruits and veggies, measuring out ingredients and stirring are all easy tasks that your little ones can help with and will teach them a new appreciation for the meals that they eat. Letting them pack their own school lunches is also a great way to allow them to be responsible for making their own healthy food choices. Produce for Kids offers lots of kid-approved recipes for your family to try. Don’t forget to also try sitting down at the dinner table together as a family as often as possible.

Try something new: Poor food choices can often be a result of boredom and feeling like you’re making the same meals over and over. Challenge yourself (and your taste buds) by picking a new recipe to make every week. Make grocery shopping an adventure and set out to find a new fruit or vegetable that you haven’t tried before. The whole family will be looking forward to seeing what you bring home next!

Get outside: Don’t forget that being active is just as important as nutritious food when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Get outside for a hike, walk to a new picnic spot or try a new activity. Most importantly, have fun!

I hope these tips have given you some new ideas to try as we challenge ourselves to make healthier choices. What is your family doing for National Nutrition Month? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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About Denise Briggs

Denise Briggs is the Communications Manager for Okanagan Specialty Fruits. She resides in the beautiful Okanagan Valley with her family and values working for a company that promotes a healthy lifestyle.


  1. I find it helpful when you suggested that a family should sit down once a week to plan what food to serve for the coming days. If I run a school and I read this article, I would get consensus from the students on what should we serve that week. For example, if we got that most students like bread, I would look for a wholesaler who can supply a lot of buns for the school. Doing this will help us save on food expenses while keeping them motivated to attend their classes.