The Perfect Fruit Just Got Better

The only nonbrowning apple.
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The Benefits of Arctic® Apples

We’ve made a safe and healthy non-browning apple

Nonbrowning apples have more eye appeal, health appeal and mouth appeal. This means more apples get eaten, which results in less waste. The Arctic Apple is a tasty, healthy grab ‘n go snack you’re sure to reach for, time and time again.

arctic® apples have more mouth appeal:

more of the apple's natural flavor shines through

arctic® apples have more health appeal:

without the yuck factor, more apples get eaten, promoting your better health and healthier weight

arctic® apples have more eye appeal:

no yucky browning

arctic® apples have more mouth appeal:

health supporting antioxidants aren't burned up by browning reaction

arctic® apples have more pocketbook appeal:

when more apples get eaten fewer apples get thrown away

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Fresh Apple Recipes

Baking is a Piece of cake {er … Pie}

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Baking with Arctic® Apples lowers the stress while upping the presentation:

  • Easy as pie: No more rushing to get your pie apples sliced before they go brown
  • Nonbrowning Betty: Same goes for slicing and dicing apples for your apple better, cake, cobbler, crisp, crostada, crumble, galette, and muffin, slump, strudel, tart or turnover.