Introducing Emily Henderson, Miss Arctic® Apple!

A few weeks ago, a young women from our own small town of Summerland, BC reached out to us with a flattering request – she wanted to represent us as “Miss Arctic® Apple” at an upcoming self-development pageant, Miss BC! After getting to know her, it became clear she is bright and energetic and would be fantastic representative for our province. So, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to support her in this endeavor (and you can too, by voting for her here every 24hrs!). We wanted you all to get to know her too, and so I’ll leave it to her to introduce herself and the Miss BC pageant:

Hello! My name is Emily Henderson, I am 18, and I am a daughter, sister, aunt, granddaughter, friend, swim coach, singer, writer and an occasional artist. I have a lot of dreams for the future, such as acceptance into the UBC midwifery program or perhaps earning a spot on Broadway. For now, though, I am thrilled to be representing my sponsor Okanagan Specialty Fruits as “Miss Arctic® Apple” at this year’s Miss BC pageant.Emily Henderson

Miss BC is a self-development program that offers workshops on public speaking, self-defense, healthy lifestyles, and includes a pageant night with a talent showcase. I am also proud to be part of the Miss BC pageant because of the tremendous work they do in raising money for an important charity, Cops for Cancer. As a long time performer, I am so excited to be taking to the stage once more, and I am extremely pleased to be representing Okanagan Specialty Fruits in this pageant as I firmly believe that people need to become more educated on GMOs, and what it takes to feed a burgeoning global population.

Representing Arctic® apples seemed like a perfect fit as I am the daughter of both a biologist as well as an Inuit artist. And, having become more knowledgeable on the science behind Arctic® apples and the benefits they, and other GMOS can offer, I have become deeply interested in the subject. I hope to expand the collective minds of the audiences I will be engaging with by educating them and encouraging them to educate themselves further in the matters of biotechnology, food security, and the importance of becoming knowledgeable about what we use to fuel our bodies on a daily basis.

If I come out as a winner in this year’s pageant, my platform and focus for the following year will be promotion of healthy lifestyles and positive body image. In addition to representing a company that wants to make healthy eating more convenient, I am also an avid competitive swimmer and coach with a goal of not only maintaining my own health, but instilling in my students a love of movement, especially swimming. In the past I have been a body image and self-esteem workshop presenter, and I hope to spread a message of self-love and care to wider audiences still.

I hope you’ll tune in to Shaw TV on July 5th to watch the pageant night taking place live from Langley, BC!

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