Key points we like to make about Arctic® apples

When we started OSF in 1996, we set out to improve apple consumption. As growers, we were disturbed by declining apple demand, and that apples were not competing well against other snack foods. We also understood how browning was keeping apples out of the fresh-cut produce business and that browning was a cost all along the value chain.

Our decision to choose a biotechnology approach to inhibit apple browning was not taken lightly. Even way back then, we were listening to consumers and their concerns that biotech was scary and wasn’t offering any benefits for consumers. Based on this, we felt nonbrowning Arctic® apple could be done differently…. Here’s how: Arctic Granny and Arctic Golden

  • The science behind Arctic® apples’ is relatively simple – we just turned off the apple genes that cause browning, and we used apple genes to do that. This doesn’t seem to be too scary to us!
  • Consumers clearly benefit from a nonbrowning Arctic® apple; plus, there are tangible additional benefits to all links along value chain. So, Arctic® apples offer something for everyone!
  • It is already standard practice to segregate apples by variety across the supply chain, beginning at the farm. So it will be easy to segregate and label Arctic® apples and we plan to do so. We believe in transparency and letting the consumer decide. We want people excited by and seeking out our Arctic® apple brand.
  • Apples are bee-pollinated, and are propagated vegetatively by grafting, not by seed – resulting in little risk of Arctic® apple trees becoming weeds or cross-breeding with other apple varieties. This means Arctic®, conventional and organic apple orchards can readily co-exist.
  • Our company is largely apple grower-owned and grower-led.

We have worked hard to stay true to our values, and are sure that you will enjoy Arctic® apples.


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About Neal Carter

You may know Neal as President and Founder of Okanagan Specialty Fruits, but he is also a bioresource engineer with over thirty years of experience working around the world. It was through this firsthand experience that Neal was convinced that biotechnology can help farmers meet ever-expanding global food demand.


  1. Sandy

    With the “Arctic” apple name, this sounds like the apple is from the Arctic.


    If it is a modified product then I will not eat it.


    As good as it sounds, it still looks like a golden delicious.

    • Joel

      Hi Sandy,

      Our founder, apple grower Neal Carter, gave these nonbrowning apples the Arctic name because just like the the snow-driven Arctic landscape, the flesh of Arctic apples stays crisp, fresh and unspoiled.

      As mentioned in the post, we do use biotechnology to enhance our apples with the nonbrowning benefit, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything to be worried about. The process is very precise and safe, and there are novel proteins in Arctic apples.

      As you say, the picture looks like a Golden Delicious, and that’s because it is! Because we use biotechnology, we can add the nonbrowning trait to any variety and have decided to bring Arctic Goldens and Arctic Grannies to market first.