"Nurse Loves Farmer" can’t wait for Arctic® apples!

We are absolutely thrilled to share what may be our favorite post yet on Arctic® apples! Mommy Blogger Sarah Schultz, aka “Nurse Loves Farmer” has been anxiously awaiting the approval of our nonbrowning apples, and shares why in her blog.

Nurse Loves FarmerSarah highlights the challenge of getting her three year old son to eat apple slices that get the unfortunate “yucky” browning just a few minutes after slicing. She also explains how Arctic® apples’ nutrients aren’t “burned up” in the browning reaction like other apples, so they better retain healthful phenolics and antioxidants, all while making it easier for consumers to judge the true quality of the fruit and reducing waste!

We can’t encourage you enough to check out the full post at the “Nurse Loves Farmer” website, and to follow Sarah on Twitter for her insightful opinions on everything from parenting and recipes, to science and agriculture – truly a winning combination!

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