Our Favorite Salads (with apples, of course)

Apples are an easy add to liven up your favorite salad. They have something for every set of taste buds, with some being tangy and tart while others are crisp and sweet. Whatever the dish, there’s an apple that can take your recipe to the next level.

As warm sunshine days become the seasonal norm, we’re looking to those equally bright and fresh salads for simple alfresco dining.

Here are a few of our favorite salads featuring apples.

Superb Salads

Salads can combine the best of each season and give new flavors center stage (or plate). Greenhouse broccoli, the last winter kale, carrots, and dried fruit or nuts can rotate smoothly between one recipe and the next. Add apples = mindblown.

Broccoli Apple Salad instead of Gala, try a Golden

Kale, Apple & Carrot Salad we think this would be divine with a Fuji – if you prefer tart, try Granny

Arugula Salad with Apple and Pecan go for Golden or Fuji for a touch of sweet

Salads & Slaws

Let’s define a ‘slaw as julienned deliciousness with a beautiful dressing of some sort. This affords us the luxury of widening the slaw scope to include whatever salad we see fit. Slice some apples for a new take on your tried and true.

Carrot Apple Slaw  for the tart green apple use a Granny Smith, and the sweet red apple a Fuji

Spiralized Apple Cranberry Salad Granny Smith and Pink Lady apples are so close in profile – try a Golden, too

Crisp Cucumber & Apple Salad or, sweeten the deal with a Fuji

Salads & Sandwiches

One of the reasons we love these salads is they also make stellar sandwiches. Try them with or without the bread, wrap, or lettuce leaf. In fact, try all of that. Repurposing at its finest, made that much more fun with apples.

Apple, Pecan, and Rosemary Chicken Salad with this Golden or Fuji would be perfect – or both, together

Waldorf Chicken Salad Wrap swap the Gala for a Golden or Fuji, to keep that crunch and light sweetness

Arctic® Salads

We like to play in the kitchen and our nonbrowning Arctic® apples provide an excellent opportunity to test some of our fun food ideas. How about a make-ahead salad…with apples? We did that. They didn’t go brown overnight, and they tasted dee-lish.

Make-Ahead Arctic® Apple Kale Salad we used Goldens, and can’t wait to try it with Fuji

Arctic® Red, White and Blue Salad use all the Arctic® apples for this one

We hope you find a recipe or three that piques your interest. Seeking more inspiration? Discover more ways to apple-up your intake with our curated apple recipes collection on Pinterest. It’s all about more people eating more apples.


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Jeannette LeBlanc is the Communications Specialist for Okanagan Specialty Fruits, and lives in the sunny Okanagan Valley. She has a keen interest in sustainable food systems and the people working on responsible ways to help feed the planet.