Problem solved: Browned apple pie slices

This is the first in an occasional series of posts about problems that can be solved with a truly nonbrowning Arctic® apple.

Apple pie makers will love the ease of a truly nonbrowning appleComing from a family of prolific cooks and having married into a family of die-hard foodies, there’s a lot of pressure on me when I step into the kitchen. Take apple pie-making; my Granny Agnes would whip up a scrumptious apple pie, replete with homemade crust, within minutes after we’d arrived at her house. We’d visit while the pie baked, and dig in as soon as it had cooled enough to slice. We’d continue the visit while we digested.

Friends typically expect me to make desserts featuring apples, given my connection to the industry. So I’ve baked, dumplinged, crisped, caked, streuseled and bettyed numerous cases of apples over the years. But I’ve yet to make a real, two-crust apple pie. I confess, I haven’t mastered the art of making pie pastry, so I’d have to use store-bought crust. (I can imagine the hisses from family across the country as I write this.)

Why? In part because I’m always rushing to get my apples cored, sliced and into the pie pan before they brown too much. And as a busy working mom with active children, that is in and of itself a challenge. Invariably, I’m being interrupted by some household crisis, or a ringing phone, a knock at the door – you name it. And before I know it, I’m left with slices and dices that I won’t serve to my animals, much less friends and family.

So when I first heard about Arctic® apples, I was ecstatic at the prospect of no more browned apples in my desserts. No more having to rush to get the slices sliced or the dices diced, to get the dish assembled and in the oven. No more worrying about life getting in the way of pie.

Heck, this might even embolden me enough to try making my own pastry.

P.S. Can’t decide between traditional crusted apple pie or another pie, say my nontraditional favorite the apple pudding pie? Make both – in the same pan! I’ve seen write-ups on this smart “Split Decision” pie pan in several magazines recently. Check it out on It converts for a full pie, or two half pies – just pick it up by the sides, not from the bottom.

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