Rainy Day Science Fun!

Don’t worry, summer isn’t over yet, there’s still time for the beach, ice cream runs, biking and camping! But what about the rainy days?

Apples to applesDo your kids ever hit you with a case of the “I’m BORED”s? Make rainy days fun with science experiments you and your kids can do right in your kitchen! Here are 5 kitchen experiments to turn a boring day into a learning opportunity.

  1. DNA Extraction. You read that right. You can extract DNA in your kitchen with strawberries, salt, rubbing alcohol, dish soap and a plastic bag (and a few other things, but we’re sure you have those). Watch the video for simple steps! While you’re at it, make a model of DNA using toothpicks and gummies!
  2. Watch plants grow. Now, this is a multiday experiment, but the results are pretty cool! Plant a seed in a clear plastic cup and watch it sprout, no soil needed! We recommend bean seeds since they sprout quickly and the climbing ones grow quite tall (though you will need soil eventually if you plan to keep it).
  3. Watch plants breathe. A leaf in a bowl of water demonstrates the secret of how plants breathe.
  4. Layering liquids. Using different juices and water to demonstrate density makes for a pretty cool visual!
  5. Make a non-Newtonian liquid. Liquid Ooblek becomes solid under pressure, is fun to play with, and super easy to make!

These are a few suggestions to help keep young minds busy during school breaks; soon you and your kids can watch how turning off the PPO enzyme in Arctic® apples works! STEM activities are a great way to learn and have fun, do you have any kid friendly experiments to share?

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