Recipe Video: More Arctic® Apples Appies

In the second installment of recipe development with Arctic® apples we look at some of our favorite flavor combinations. We know apples love cheese. What other ways can we play with our food? Hello, charcuterie.

Naturally sweet and crunchy apples are an ideal match for anything with salt. That’s because opposites really do attract, at least with food. It turns out we love the foods we do because they tap into some combination of the key elements of umami: salty, sweet, bitter, and sour. There’s science behind it, but it’s more fun to try out the theory. So we did.

For our next recipe we focused on salty and sweet. In the salty realm is the classic charcuterie board filled with all kinds of those umami elements, making it the perfect place for our next round of taste testing. Apples often have place with charcuterie, kind of like backup singers on the edge of the spotlight. Well, get ready for apples to take center stage as we introduce our Arctic ApBitz dried apples and fresh slices to your appie board.

We give you the second in our recipe video series: Arctic® Apple Prosciutto Bites.

Are you hungry yet? Our 2018 harvest is underway so fresh slices and whole apples will soon be at grocery stores in the U.S. Meanwhile, you can order Arctic ApBitz dried apple snacks on Grab some and get creative with your food. Better still, take a photo and share it with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest with the hashtag #arcticapples.

Until next time, happy playing-with-your-food and bon appetit.

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About Jeannette LeBlanc

Jeannette LeBlanc is the Communications Specialist for Okanagan Specialty Fruits, and lives in the sunny Okanagan Valley. She has a keen interest in sustainable food systems and the people working on responsible ways to help feed the planet.