Recipe Videos: Appies with Arctic® Apples

Part of our goal is to help more people eat more apples, so we spend a lot of time playing with our food. We love recipe development – creating new taste combinations or adapting something that’s tried and true. This is how our latest recipe video series came to be.

It all began one beautiful sunny day at HQ – our headquarters is in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. We were snacking on Arctic ApBitzdried apples and talking about how to add these crunchy bites into rotation for entertaining menus, because we like to have parties. It became a game of Name Your Favorite Appie that quickly spun out of control. And then we got hungry.

With the ease of preparation and versatility of our apples in mind (coming soon as fresh slices and whole apples), we got to work sketching out the ways apples can up your party host game. Fruit kebabs? Done it: conventional apples go brown fast where ours are nonbrowning. Dried apples with charcuterie? Yes, although the rings can stick together and sometimes look tired. Unless you use our apples.

Dried apples, in a fry-cut style, with a crisp crunch? Shut. The. Front. Door. Because that’s what we made: Arctic ApBitz dried apple snacks.

And so we give you the first in our recipe video series: appies with Arctic® apples.

Are you hungry yet? While we ready our 2018 fresh slices and whole apples for grocery stores in the U.S., you can order Arctic ApBitz dried apple snacks now on Grab some and get creative with your food. Better still, take a photo and share it with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest with the hashtag #arcticapples.

Happy playing-with-your-food, and bon appetit.

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About Jeannette LeBlanc

Jeannette LeBlanc is the Communications Specialist for Okanagan Specialty Fruits, and lives in the sunny Okanagan Valley. She has a keen interest in sustainable food systems and the people working on responsible ways to help feed the planet.