Schools + Salad Bars = Winning

Children are not well known for their love of salad, but some schools are looking to turn that around by offering salad bars in their student cafeterias.

Salad bars give students the power to create a healthy dish as part of their lunch. Perhaps being creative and getting hands on with fruits and vegetables is part of the reason why researchers have found that offering more variety at salad bars increases student produce intake. Other factors affecting student salad bar use include: making the salad bar easily accessible and highly visible, for example by including it in the service line. As well, marketing the salad bar, or calling produce by fun names, can increase student consumption. One study found that pre-existing nutrition knowledge and healthy habits also influence a student’s use of salad bars, highlighting the need for healthy messaging and modeling both in school and at home.

Salad bars offer students an opportunity to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, and therefore their healthy eating. Salad bars are such a positive influence that one classroom went on strike to protest their lack of access to their school salad bar (and won!).

Salad bars are a wonderful way for students to increase their fruit and vegetable intake and make healthy eating a part of their everyday lives. That’s why Arctic® apples is so proud to be a sponsor of Tour de Fresh which aims to put salad bars in schools, and shares our goal of making healthy eating more convenient.

This summer, Jenn Armen, our Director of Business Development and Marketing, will once again be cycling nearly 200 miles to raise funds for Tour de Fresh. Jenn is excited to be back out on the course, and hopes she’ll have an opportunity to visit the salad bar she fundraises for again this year! You can support Jenn and her ride here. We truly feel that salad bars and schools are a winning combination!

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About Jessica Brady

Jessica hails from the prairie region of Canada and is excited to be working as Manager, Industry Relations & Education for a company that combines two of her favorite things: agriculture and innovation.