Shopping for health

Two thirds of Americans see food as medicine, according to a recent survey. Consumers no longer just want food to feel full, they strive to switch to healthier options that can help boost their overall health and prevent disease.

Consumers are beginning to see healthy eating as a proactive way to ensure their best health. Over 70% of consumers are looking for food that will improve their heart and digestive health, and help boost energy. They also recognize that balance is key to enjoying life and create a personalized definition, and therefore plan, for healthy living. Luckily, most consumers recognize the importance of fruit and vegetables to a healthy diet, and strive to include them.

Snacking has increased by 65% in the last 5 years. The good news is that consumers are eschewing chips and pop and looking for snacks, like apples, that offer nutritional benefits such as high fiber and good carbs!

Arctic apples in stores

To ensure healthy choices are made while shopping, consider starting in the perimeter aisles, filling your cart with fresh foods before heading into the central aisles for other healthy options like frozen fruits and canned vegetables. It can also help to think of filling your cart like you would your plate, focusing on filling half with colorful produce options.

Save time and money while shopping by writing down your grocery list or using an app, and purchasing sale items or using a coupon for foods you regularly buy. One of the biggest keys to healthy eating is cooking at home where you can control added salt and sugar, and ensure you are eating half your plate of fruits and vegetables. Consumers consider convenient, healthy foods important to ensuring nutritious foods brought home get eaten and enjoyed. Purchasing salad mixes and pre-chopped produce can cut down on time spent prepping food, making at home meals easier to create.

At Okanagan Specialty Fruits, we are excited to offer a product that can make healthier eating easier, and delicious, whether you’re making a snack, supper or dessert! Do you have any healthy shopping tips?

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