Show your heart some love

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with hearts, but it doesn’t always represent the best choices regarding the health of your heart. February is Heart Month, and we’re looking at ways to show your heart some love, while still enjoying your Valentine’s Day meal.

Luxurious meals out can lead to making less than great food choices for many of us. Heading out for supper? The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada recommends getting off on the right foot by choosing leafy green salads, or vegetable based soups for your appetizer. Choose grilled or baked main courses over fried, and the American Heart Association says not to be afraid to ask your server for a healthier alternative for your side dish like a baked potato and vegetables. Looking forward to dessert? Consider sharing, or choosing something light that features fruit.

On the other hand, planning an intimate home cooked meal is a great way to avoid the crowds, save some money, and enjoy a healthy meal that fits your tastes. Apples are a great fit for a Valentine’s Day meal because studies have shown that they can help reduce both LDL (bad cholesterol) and your overall risk of heart disease, plus they’re delicious! Here are some of our favorite heart healthy apple recipes for Valentine’s Day supper with your sweetie:



Main Course:


Let us know if you include apples in your Valentine’s Day celebrations. We hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day! Remember to show your heart some love and fill half your plate with fruits and veggies!

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