Sleuth4Health: A second look at the Arctic® apple

Until a couple months ago, Blogger Julee K (a.k.a. Sleuth4Health), hated biotech foods. In her own words, she was “outraged and out to educate the world” on their risks and bought the anti-GMO movement “hook, line and sinker.”

After a few months she began to notice that, despite plenty of resources voicing concerns about these foods, they were heavy and rhetoric but short on fact. After digging deeper, she came across a set of interviews readers may be familiar with – Fourat Janabi’s “The Lowdown on GMOs”. Ironically, Fourat had just recently gone through a similar conversion. Previously anti-GMO, Fourat became skeptical and after reaching out to a scientist, family farmer and a biotech company (us!), he realized the evidence demonstrates biotech crops are safe and provide plenty of benefits.Julee K - Sleuth 4 Health

Initially, Julee remained unconvinced, but after asking more questions and eventually interviewing scientist Dr. Kevin Folta (just as Fourat did), she concluded that she could not take pride in belonging to the misguided anti-GMO movement and instead chose to “base (her) opinions on facts, not fallacies.”

Since then, Julee has done a fantastic job promoting the importance of “building a bridge between the science and anti-GMO worlds”. Her current blog series covers “The Benevolent Side of GMOs”, and after covering Simplot’s new biotech potato last week, she took the time to interview us!

Previously, Julee had read about our nonbrowning Arctic® apples and thought, “Who cares?” Though she had no concerns about their safety, she questioned the necessity of introducing the nonbrowning trait in a fruit that’s already so great. Over the last week, though, she reached out to us with lots of great questions about the safety, benefits and science of Arctic® apples and found out why it’s a worthwhile endeavor – now she can’t wait to try them herself!

Julee’s latest post covers OSF president Neal Carter’s responses to her questions and is an excellent read, as are all of her recent articles. So, be sure to head to the official Sleuth4Health site and check out the full article right here!

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