Up your charcuterie game with Arctic ApBitz™ dried apples

Want in on a fun secret about the region where Okanagan Specialty Fruits is located? The Okanagan Valley is actually Canada’s second largest wine producing area, featuring world-class wineries and jaw-dropping scenery. And, of course, nothing pairs better with wine than an amazing charcuterie board!

As a busy mom I’m all about anything that can be prepared as quickly as possible and charcuterie boards are definitely a favorite in our house. They’re delicious, easy and perfect for entertaining. I was beyond excited when I recently discovered a new twist to my classic platter. I realized I was out of crackers and was frantically digging around in the pantry looking for something I could use as a replacement. That’s when I pulled out some of our new Arctic ApBitz dried apple snacks and decided to try them on my charcuterie board. Their unexpected crunch was the perfect cracker substitute and their sweetness added a unique twist that I plan to make a permanent addition. Haven’t made a charcuterie board before? Here are a few of the basics:


  • Invest in a food safe wood board. Your guests will be impressed by your authentic presentation or it will make you feel like you’re eating at a fancy winery, even if you’re just on the couch watching cartoons!
  • Add a few varieties of meat. Prosciutto and salami are my kids favorites.
  • It’s all about the cheese. Gournay, Brie and Gouda are the staples in our house.
  • Of course, it wouldn’t be mom-approved if I didn’t sneak some fruit in there. Our Arctic® Golden apple slices are perfect to put out on platters because they won’t turn brown. And I already shared how our preservative free ApBitzdried apples are now a new mandatory addition.
  • Get creative. The great thing about charcuterie boards is you can assemble them to your personal taste preferences and dietary requirements. Add a fresh baguette, pepper jelly, almonds, figs, or some dark chocolate. The sky’s the limit.

Oh, and don’t forget the wine. Enjoy!

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About Denise Briggs

Denise Briggs is the Communications Manager for Okanagan Specialty Fruits. She resides in the beautiful Okanagan Valley with her family and values working for a company that promotes a healthy lifestyle.