What we’re loving for fall

Fall is coming. Don’t worry, that’s a good thing! Crisp air, leaves changing color and a need for sweaters, there’s lots to love in autumn! We’re sharing just a few of our favorite parts:

  1. Fresh apples – With the neal-on-tractor-cropped-800pxwaning of summer comes apple harvest! This year the fruits of our labor were extra sweet as we celebrated our first ever commercial harvest! Keep an eye out for our upcoming harvest video where you will learn more about us and apple harvest.
  2. Pumpkin!…with apples, obviously – Pies, cakes, cookies, soup, and more: pumpkin and apples are the royal family of fall fruit! We’re so excited we started an Apples and Pumpkin Pinterest board!
  3. Fall Suppers – Where I’m from falling leaves means Fall Suppers! These are suppers where the community comes together to enjoy a hearty meal and lots of pie, and all the funds raised go towards local organizations. Try something similar at home by hosting a potluck with your friends and neighbors; it’s a great reason to see old friends and meet new ones!
  4. Apples4Ed – This amazing opportunity provides funding to school projects of all sizes! September 19th is the deadline to apply, after that you can vote for chosen projects from October 1 to November 12 using the power of social media.
  5. Healthy lunchbox ideas – The initial back to school rush is over and now it’s time to make sure healthy habits stick! Check out our suggestions to be a Lunchbox Hero and look for tips from Registered Dietitians.

What part of fall do you look forward to the most? Do you have a fall recipe you think would be perfect for our fresh Arctic® apple slices?

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